World-Class metal working machine tools, woodworking machinery and air turbine power routers.

Onsrud...a name known for well over 80 years as an innovator and leader in woodworking machinery and metal working machine tools...built to rigid standards to ensure years of powerful, dependable performance.

To ensure long-term product support of your Onsrud machines, Advanced Technology Services® has acquired from Onsrud Machine Corporation all inventories, documentation, manufacturing and marketing rights for all Onsrud woodworking and metalworking machines previously manufactured and sold by Onsrud Machine Corporation in Wheeling, IL. ATS is now the source for replacement parts and repair service on all existing and newly purchased Onsrud machines.

This partnership will ensure customers of Onsrud Machine Corporation long-term product support on Onsrud machines currently installed and any new Onsrud machines purchased.

ATS is an industry leader in providing replacement parts and repair service on industrial automation equipment. With in house engineering, manufacturing and machining capabilities, ATS is prepared to provide a comprehensive range of services to satisfy your Onsrud Machine support requirements. This is a long term commitment by ATS to provide a world class level of service. The scope of these services include:

  • Parts sales for Onsrud metal working machine tools and woodworking machinery

  • Repair service (machine and control)

  • Field Service
  • Technical support
  • Air turbine router sales

To learn more about Onsrud woodworking machinery and metal working machine tools, including new machines available for purchase, please visit our Onsrud Products page.

Please visit our Legacy Products Division Page for information regarding purchase and repair of your Onsrud woodworking machinery and metal-working machine tools and parts.  For even more information, please contact an ATS customer service representative at 800.328.7287.

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